I’m Now On YouTube!!!

Hi Everyone!

Really super duper quick post today….. In case you haven’t seen my Twitter or Instagram lately you will have missed that I am now on YouTube!!!

Wow. I really didn’t ever think I would be saying that.

Ever since I started Snapchat (which I don’t use anymore BTW) I’ve been asked if I have a YouTube channel. 

I always said that I wouldn’t do one as I would be so rubbish at it, but here I am just over a year later introducing my new channel to you.

After regular use of Snapchat and now Instagram Stories, I have began to build confidence in talking in front of a camera. That, along with wanting a new challenge pushed me into giving this YouTube thing a go.

Now I must confess I am terrible at editing and I don’t like not being good at things, so unless I manage to learn to edit I’m not sure how long my venture into videos will last.

But you know what they say “It’s better to try and fail, than never try at all”. So that’s what I’m doing.. giving it go…..

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here and watch my first video below:

Please do subscribe and if there is any sort of video you would like me to do please do let me know!

Lots of love,