I’m Sorry…… I’m Just Like Everyone Else

I'm one big basic bitch

Being a Blogger or Influencer (as some like to call us, but I personally hate that word) can be a fine balancing act…. Always trying to be yourself versus what we feel we should be doing. Trying to produce content that others want to see yet still remaining true to yourself.

I’ve battled with this constant dilemma a lot. 

One thing in particular I’ve struggled with is how everyone tells you to be yourself and not like everyone else. “Don’t be a cookie cutter blogger” is a saying I often see thrown around. Instagramming marble work tops, rose gold anything and avocado is “so blogger”. “Just do you” and don’t follow the crowd…..

All these middle class white bloggers sipping soya lattes and holding the latest Gucci is just so typical, ya know.

Trying to be different isn't always easy

I’ve seen a lot more of these comments than ever before and it got me thinking about my content and how it was so cliche!!

I mean, I’m a girl who likes pink – how cliche is that!? 

So I started thinking of ways I could be different… what’s my USP (unique selling point)? 

The more I thought of ways to be different the more uncomfortable I felt… and that’s because that’s not me. I’m sorry….. but I’m a cookie cutter blogger –  I’m one BIG BASIC BITCH. 

UK fashion blogger in London, louis vuitton, cropped trousers and shirt

 UK fashion blogger in London, louis vuitton, cropped trousers and shirt

I love soya lattes, the colour pink, glitter, all the designer handbags, white interiors, Jo Malone, champagne and pretty flowers. I’ve loved all these things way before I was a blogger and that’s just me. I’m not trying to follow the crowd and do what everyone else likes because it’s popular. It’s just my taste. My style. 

UK fashion blogger in London, louis vuitton, cropped trousers and shirt

I’m not quirky. I know that. I don’t have a particular talent and I don’t have a distinctive style. It means I’ll never stand out from the crowd, but I’m not in this to make it big. I’ve always said that. I’m here just to be me.

So I’m sorry I’m just like everyone else – you won’t get anything different when you visit my blog or check out my social pages. But, like everyone says I’ve just got to DO ME, so I am.

P.s I’ve only just learned what “Basic Bitch” means so I hope I’ve used it correctly in this post!! haha

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