The Biker Jacket Everyone Needs This Autumn

The Biker Jacket Everyone Needs This Autumn

I didn’t initially have any plans to write a blog post on this biker jacket, mainly because I’ve got so many posts on the blog about jackets and coats already. I have a bit of a thing for them.

But literally every time I wear this jacket I’ve had people compliment it and ask where it’s from, like actual strangers in the street come up to me to comment on it! So I thought it’s gotta be worth a blog post right?

Topshop biker faux leather biker jacket, louis vuitton

louis vuitton at Westfield Shepherds bush, fashion blogger, Topshop jacket

As well as having a thing for jackets, I also have a thing for stars on clothes, so when you combine the two I get pretty excited.

The star details gives me all the YSL feels, but none of the YSL price tag you’ll be pleased to hear.

However the star (excuse the pun) of this jacket for me is the back – the best bit is you can also get a matching jacket with the other half of the heart saying “Sisters” which I keep trying to convince my friend to get, as you know then we’d be super cool, or at least feel like it which is the main thing. Imagine how cool that would be for the gram too! haha

fashion blogger wearing the best faux biker jacket with stars

biker jacket with stars, louis vuitton pochette metis

soul sister biker jacket from topshop and louis vuitton pochette metis

This beauty is from Topshop and costs only £59.00 and is made from faux leather. Sadly there are only a few sizes left in each, but you never know they may get a restock – I’m so glad I got it when I did!

Photography by Fordtography.

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