Let’s Celebrate The Curated Photo

Let's Celebrate The Curated Photo

Instagram. It’s got a pretty bad rap hasn’t it? And I’m not even talking about the algorithm, dropping engagements rates and how tough it is to grow followers either……

I’m talking about how some accounts on Instagram get pounded for being fake, too curated and creating an unattainable lifestyle. Some people don’t like the gossy and editorial feel that has been spreading like wildfire over Instagram for the last few years. 

I have a slightly different take on it and here’s why…..

My Instagram account is probably seen as a few of things above by a chunk of people. I’m always wearing a full face of makeup, I’m posing in every single photo, my designer bags are on show and my flatlays have of course been taken days or weeks in advance which probably took an hour to perfect.

Fashion blogger and YSL Kate Monogram bag

Yet I don’t see myself as being fake.

And that’s because all of those things are me (ok, minus the flatlay). I regularly wear a full face of makeup, I’ve been to all the places you see on The Gram and I do own designer bags which I use everyday. All the clothes you see me wearing are mine, that I wear. Nothing fake there. 

On the flip side I do leave elements of my life off the grid – I don’t post photos of me lounging around makeup free in PJs. Nor do I show you how sweaty I am from leaving the gym, or my microwave meal I’m heating up at 10pm after working late.

I actually do show all these things on Insta stories (and much more), although I know many don’t, but that’s OK.

Let's Celebrate The Curated Photo

I get that Instagram is an edited part of our life, like many social media platforms. Who actually thinks that what you see on my Instagram account is what I look like and what I do every second of every single day. No one I doubt it. I only show you what I want to, and surely that’s what everyone understands? Right?

I don’t hide the fact that I use a VSCO filter on every photo I post on The Gram, and a ring light for my selfies to help make the photo as best as it can be. 

Photography is a very creative medium. It’s my favourite part of blogging and I really enjoy putting together pretty imagery and looking at other people’s fabulous pink flatlays. When I see amazing shots I really appreciate how skilled that photographer is, or how hard it may have been to get that shot just perfect. Who hasn’t stood one footed on a table, while hovering over another table, with a bent neck in order to get that angle just so..?

Next Christmas Party top

I’ve seen a huge increase in bloggers start to use photographers for their fashion imagery on Instagram. Years ago this was only in reach for the big bloggers. The rest of us had to make do with a selfie in front of a mirror (all my photos were like this for a long time) or we tried to rope our Mum/ boyfriend into taking a few snaps while we were out and about. This is what I had to do for about 2.5 years of blogging, like many others I’m sure.

This just isn’t the case anymore. I’m a pretty small blogger and I along with many other “smaller” bloggers we now use photographers for our imagery – making our feed more glossy and professional. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that all my fashion shots are now taken by Photographers. I love the process of styling clothes and thinking about locations that will suit the outfit. Once on the shoot I am very much involved and I discuss angles, ideas and shots that we should do. It’s certainly a creative process between both blogger and photographer. Although I gotta admit, the Photographers I work with are much better at it than me!

Next Christmas Party top

Bloggers of varying sizes now use and rely on photographers to give them that professional look to their feed. How amazing is it, that this industry growing is now giving people the chance to become Photographers and do a job they love. It’s creating jobs and contribute towards our economy. 

So yes, images on Instagram are becoming more professional and editorial, but let’s take that as a positive rather a negative. Let’s look at the jobs it’s giving people and the creative outlet it gives people like me.

It’s also important to remember that just because others are using Photographers it doesn’t mean that there is a pressure for you to do so. The whole point about blogging is it’s personal. It should be unique to you and if you don’t like that style then that’s totally cool too. Just do you. 

I may not love the Instagram algorithm right now but I do love continually challenging myself to produce content that make you want to hit that “like”, button however curated it is.

Big up to all the photographers out there that are making some dollar shooting bloggers!! I’m so glad you are able to pursue a career you love 🙂

These photos were all taken by the talented Sarah Treacher – A blogger come photographer who is now able to make some money from photography and I couldn’t be happier for her.

A special mention to Kaye who does a lot of my fashion photography for me and I thought of while writing this post – she is now a full time professional Photographer which has been helped by shooting bloggers like me.

Both these babes are totally worth checking out if you’re looking for a Photographer to work with.

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