Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa, my number 1 fan. My hero.

Dear Grandpa

Standing here reading this I’m extremely nervous.

Not because of the all faces looking back at me. Not because I might mess up my words, or not even because I might break down and cry.

I’m nervous as this is my one chance to tell everyone just how amazing you were, and I’m scared I won’t do you justice like you deserve.

How do I tell people that you weren’t like any other Grandpa, and that you certainly weren’t like any other 93-year-old? I literally wouldn’t know where to begin….

Yes, you spoiled us like most Grandparents do. You always gave us chocolate when we visited. In fact, you’d give us TWO chocolate bars much to Mums disapproval. You gave me monthly pocket money and every time you saw me in Tesco when I was at school you’d give me extra money, even though I had lunch money from Mum. I of course spent it on more chocolate.

But you were way more than that.

You were everyone’s friend.

I’ve never introduced anyone to you who hasn’t commented on how amazing you were, and you were commonly referred to as a ‘Legend’ by many of my friends, and I’m sure by many people here today.

At the age of 85 you joined Facebook. You would look at it every day and you even began to befriend some of my friends on Facebook. Every time I popped round to see you, you wanted to tell me what MY friends had been up to, like you had knowledge about them that I didn’t know!

Facebook was just one part of technology you loved. Unlike Mum who thinks technology is all the what is wrong in the world, you embraced it. You had a mobile phone and would often text me, even if by accident sometimes! You had an iPad which you loved Facetiming me on and it came particularly in handy when you were in hospitals a few years ago.  You loved to keep up with the news and were keen to outdo Dad and Adam, and tell them about some technology they may not have heard of.

Dear Grandpa, my number 1 fan. My hero.

You have never been the typical Grandpa that is portrayed… Apart from maybe loving a cardigan and your slippers. You were a people person who loved to socialise and wanted to be friends with everybody. Your neighbours, your nurse, your cleaner, waitresses, doctors, Mum’s friends and even my friends. You managed to keep a good group of friends over the years and you had a great social life which saw you dining out in restaurants at least 3 times a week. We shared a mutual love for food and trying new restaurants, which we quite often chatted about.

You appreciated anything and everything and were one of the most cheerful people I knew. I rarely heard you make a negative remark and if you did it was still always followed by a smile and a cheeky laugh. You looked for the positives in life and whatever you went through, particularly with your health, you would never complain and kept your sense of humour throughout.

You treated women with respect and were always a true gentleman. I loved how much you adored Nanna and I know she was your everything. I’m still waiting to find a man that will treat me how you did Nanna. It was very special to see.

But most of all I want everyone to know you were my friend.  You laughed at my humour, you were always so proud of me and were one of my best selfie pals. You made me feel loved which is a precious gift. I worshipped the ground you walked on and I was so lucky to call you my Grandpa.

Luckily, everyone sat here today knew you, so although my writing skills may let me down I know that their memories of you won’t.

My dear Grandpa, I hope I’ve given you the justice that you so rightly deserve. Love you forever