6 Key Tips To Business Success

6 Key Tips To Success from a business owner and #Girlboss

If you’re reading this then I’m going to hazard a guess that you are pretty ambitious. You have dreams and goals for your future career.

This is fantastic. It all starts there. I always say dream big and aim high. Never doubt yourself or let fear get in the way of what you really want.

But, this is only part of the battle #GirlBoss. If you want to succeed in business then you not only need to dream….. but you need to take action. If you can crack the the 6 tips below then you’re halfway there…….

Find your passion

This is my number one tip. Everything else in is this post is pretty irrelevant unless you do this. I guarantee you, that you will not be arsed to do anything else I talk about in this post unless you love your job…….or at least love what you are working towards.

As a young girl I never know what I wanted to do. I don’t think I even knew what Marketing was until I got a lot older. All I knew is that I wanted to have my own office, a briefcase and run my own business –  It’s strange what 10 year old’s dream of isn’t it! I had no idea what I would be doing, but I knew that’s what I wanted.

I got into Advertising/ Marketing by chance and I loved it from day one.

It’s Ok if you’re in your 20’s and still haven’t found your love. Give it time. It will happen, but you need to find it.

Find your passion. Find what makes you excited. What gets ideas flowing and what makes you want to get out of bed every morning.

Once you have a love or passion, the rest will follow.

6 Key Tips To Success from a business owner and #Girlboss


Be A Team Player

You know the type. The ones who say “that’s not my job” when asked to do something. As a manager that can be one of the most frustrating things to hear. Always make sure you are helpful and willing to assist anyone that needs it. That could be a member in your team or another department. This not only helps you gain additional experience under your belt, but your goal should always be to help the company and not just yourself.

6 Key Tips To Success from a business owner and #Girlboss


Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

No one is perfect and we all have our weaknesses, but it’s important to realise what they are.

Yes, it’s good to know what you’re good at beacuse you’ve got to sell that shit. At the same time understand what your weaknesses are. One, in order to try and work on them and improve yourself, but secondly it will help you know what sort of roles you should go for, and what ones you should probably avoid. Play on your strengths and never stop trying to improve your weaknesses.

6 Key Tips To Success from a business owner and #Girlboss


Build Relationships

This has proved invaluable to me in my career. Making connections or networking whatever you want to call it. Be friendly, make yourself known and let people know what you do.

I’ve never done this intentionally. It’s just in my nature to be chatty, friendly, talk about work and get to know everyone. So all those years ago when I thought I was just chatting to the staff in the kitchen –  it was actually doing me a favour in the long run! It’s only now that I have my own business and I rely a lot on connections that I’ve realised me being a chatterbox and getting to know everyone has actually paid off!

Side note: Don’t be fake and insincere with this. People will see right through it, but I think it’s genuinely worth while getting to know people and understand characters different to your own.

6 Key Tips To Success from a business owner and #Girlboss


Put The Hours In

Now this may seem obvious to some, but I’m pretty sure others still think there is a quick way to get the top. I’m afraid to burst your bubble but there isn’t. I’ve had messages sent me such as “How do I get your job?” and “I wanna do your job what shall I do?”.

Well, you got to put in the graft……work late, get up early, work weekends and work through lunch breaks.

I’ve always been a hard worker and put in the extra hours when needed – be that when I worked for employers, or now working for myself and it pays off. Not to mention if you want to run your own company it’s essential. Find me one business owner who hasn’t put the hours in. You won’t.


6 Key Tips To Success from a business owner and #Girlboss

Be Nice

This should be a general life tip, rather than just a success tip, but being a nice person is pretty essential, although some people tend to forget this in the workplace.

You know the saying – “Be careful how you treat people on the way up, as you’ll meet them again on your way down”. It’s a quote I love and stand by. Going back to my above point about connections – it’s likely that you will meet, need or come into contact with people you have previously worked with. Especially if you stick in the same industry for some time. If you haven’t been nice to these people it’s certainly not going to help you. Oh, and err people talk, you know.

So on your way up make sure you’re nice to everyone. Whatever they do, whatever role they have, however junior they are and what ever department they are in, as you never know where they may be in the future.

The second part to this is that people buy people. People will only want to buy from you, give you that recommendation or promotion if they like you. You can be great at your job but if people think you’re an arse then you’ve got a struggle on your hands.

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