My Hero Products Of 2017

My beauty and makeup Hero Products Of 2017

I’m often asked what my favorite beauty products are and although it would be extremely hard to pick my all time favourite anything – in fact practically impossible, I thought I could definitely share with you my favorite beauty picks that I first used in 2017.

Now I’m a pretty harsh critic and many items I try never make it on to this blog, so for any items to have made it into my hero products of 2017 list, mark my words – they are GOOD!

All of these items I first tried this year, so here we go…. a list of my favorite matte liquid lipstick, face moisturiser, eyeshadow palette, cleanser, serum, hair mask and matte lipstick that I tried in 2017 – you are my heros!!

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paints
Shades (left – right and then bottom): 102 Darling Pink, 208 Of-white, 101 Gone with the nude, 201 Hollywood beige and 210 Dead Lips


L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint

It was a close call between the L’Oreal Lip Paints and the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvets as I’ve worn both a lot this year. L’Oreal just pipped Burberry to the finish line due to their larger colour range, a choice of matte and lacquer finishes and the price point – these bad boys are only £6.99, compared to the Burberry price of £26.

The L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paints come in two finishes; lacquer and matte and I love both formulas.

My Instastory followers are probably bored to death of hearing about these lipsticks as I’ve worn them so much this year that I’m always talking about them.

L’Oreal have also launched some new nude shade colours which you can see in these pics that aren’t in my original post. I’ve named them in the photo caption for your reference.

I wrote a full post on these lipsticks which includes my thoughts on both formulas and swatches which you can read here.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk & Macadamia Oil 3-in-1 Mask


Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk & Macadamia Oil 3-in-1 Mask

I still can’t get my head round the fact that a highstreet hair mask worth £4.99 is that good, but it really is!

I started using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk & Macadamia Mask in the summer and I haven’t looked back! It can be used in 3 ways:

– As a hair mask that you wash off to leave your hair feeling super soft
– On wet hair as a leave in conditioner to detangle and smooth hair
– On dry hair to tame frizzy and flyaway hair

I mainly use it as a hair mask and I’ve now also got into the habit of not washing it out completely so there is still a tad left on. It helps make my hair that little bit softer and doesn’t make it at greasy, which is a huge plus for my thin, limp hair.

If you have dry hair you need to try this!

Institut Esthederm Intensive AHA Peel Concentrated Serum


Institut Esthederm Intensive AHA Peel Concentrated Serum

Huge crater like pores are my biggest skin complaint and this is the best product I’ve tried so far to help close the buggers!

The Institut Esthederm Intensive AHA Peel Concentrated Serum has a 12% AHA/BHA formula which helps to reduce the appearance of pores and skin irregularities, for an even and radiant skin tone.

I noticed a difference when I started using this product, but even more so once I stopped using it so I’m just about to crack open my second bottle!

At £47 it’s not cheap but totally worth it.

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse


Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

I only tried the Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse later this year and I featured it in my September favourites round up, but it’s still made it onto this list as I flipping love it!

The two step cleansing routine is perfect for heavy makeup wearers like myself. The Pixi Double Cleanse cleans deep down into my pores leaving my skin feeling clean, as well as plumped and hydrated.

The jar is quite large and heavy so I don’t use this cleanser when travelling but for my every day at home rountime I can’t get enough of it.

Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette


Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette

My 2017 eyeshadow palette winner has to go to the Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. The formula of the eyeshadows are brilliant – pigmented, easy to blend and come in a mixture of matte and iridescent shades.

This year it’s been the one palette that I have always taken away with me when I travel abroad or for an overnight stay. It contains a variety of shades which mean I can create multiple looks when I’m away for a whole week and the palette is just the right size to fit into my makeup bag – Ok, I have a very large makeup bag! By taking this palette with me it means I don’t have to take any other eyeshadows which for someone like me who always struggles with the baggage allowance is a huge plus!

I wrote a full blog post on the Tarte Pro palette which includes swatches – you can read it here.

L'Oreal Matte Addiction Lipsticks


L’Oreal Matte Addiction Lipstick

In my opinion 2017 was the year for L’Oreal lipsticks, hence why you’re seeing TWO of their lippies in my hero list.

I had the absolute pleasure of modelling for the L’Oreal Matte Addiction lipsticks (still my career highlight to this day!) back in February, but that isn’t the reason they are appearing in this list.

These are probably my all time favourite (to date) matte lipstick. They have a huge colour range, last really well and are not at all drying.

Again, as with all L’Oreal products the pricing is brilliant at just £6.99 a pop – currently on a 3 for 2 deal at Boots too!

If you like matte lipsticks but quite often find them too drying then definitely check these babies out!

Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Cream


Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Cream

Although my skin is oily, its also dehydrated (who’d have thought that was possible!?) so I always look for products that hydrate my skin, but don’t increase my oil production.

The Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Cream does just that. It contains three different types of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate your skin and stimulate your own natural production to hyaluronic acid.

My skin is also delicate and this doesn’t irritate the sensitivity at all.

All in all, this was the best face moisturiser I tried in 2017.

Roger & Gallet Body Lotions


Roger & Gallet Body Lotions

I’m probably in the minority here but I much prefer body lotions to creams as I prefer how quickly lotions soak in. I’ve been loving the Roger & Gallet body lotions this year. They come in a variety of scents, soak in quickly and leaving my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

It may have luxe packaging but without the luxe price tag. Each bottle costs only £14 and can be purchased here.

best beauty products of 2017


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