What’s The Difference Between Nano Needle Brows & Microblading + Q&A


What Is Nano Needle Brows And What Is The Difference Between Nano Needle And Microblading?

Following my vlog of me getting my eyebrows Nano Needled at Tracie Giles I was asked loads of questions so I thought it would be a good idea to do a Q&A type post compiling all the questions that people sent me.

I know the left photo looks awful as half my makeup had been wiped off ready for treatment and then I realised I needed to take the “before” photo – oops, rookie mistake!

If you’d like to know more about post treatment care of the eyebrows and if you’d like to see how they have faded and look now then please watch the vlog as you’ll see every stage.

If you haven’t watched my vlog you can watch it below – apologies its so long but I go into quite a bit of detail as there was so much to talk about…. and you know, I like to talk.

What Is Nano Needle Brows And What Is The Difference Between Nano Needle And Microblading?

I had my eyebrows Nano Needled (or Nano Bladed) and this is the most common question I get asked so let me (try and) explain…..

Both Nano Needle and Microblading are forms of permanent makeup used to enhance your eyebrows and give a very similar end result. They can either fill in your natural brow or they can create a “fake” brow using tiny hair strokes which is ideal for people like me who don’t have much hair and want a more defined shape.

Microblading uses 10-16 fine needles configured into a blade shape to deposit pigment into the skin. Once the cuts have been made manually by hand (no machine is used like in tattooing), pigment is left on the skin for a few minutes and then wiped off to reveal your new brows.

Nano Needle uses a conventional needle device which is the size of a hair strand and very flexible. As the needle sits approximately 0.75 mm outside the cartridge it is easier to apply the exact pressure needed to create the super fine and precise hair strokes that is very popular. The very tip of the needle is dipped into the pigment and the vibration pulls the pigment down into the cartridge. It is then dispensed from the needle into the skin. It’s said that it’s easier to get a good result from Nano Needling as there is less trauma to the skin and its almost impossible to implant the pigment too deep, which is where many technicians (who aren’t highly skilled) go wrong with microblading.

Tracie Giles the owner of the salon as been quoted as saying “”Micro Blades give exactly the same result but the risk of injury to the skin is much higher. There are few true artists who can Microblade beautifully to achieve the really natural effect of hair strokes.

Does Having Nano Needle Brows Hurt?

I’m not going to lie, at points yes it hurt. Quite a lot. Make sure you choose a salon that uses numbing cream as that really helps but it doesn’t take the pain away completely. As much as it hurt it wouldn’t stop me having it done again, as the benefits massively outweigh some pain for about 10 minutes!

Also as an FYI this treatment made my nose run so much (gross I know)!! I felt like a had a cold throughout the treatment and kept on wanting to sneeze. I was told this is perfectly normal and lots of people feel that way. Just as a heads up if you’re think of having it done – bring some tissues with you!

How Much Does Nano Needle/ Microblading Cost?

The cost of Nano Needle and microblading varies hugely depending on where you go. I paid £595 at Tracie Giles in London having my brows Nano Needled with an Elite Plus Technician. Their prices start at £495 and range up to £995 for their Head Technician. Tracie Giles are on the very upper limit though. Microblading is more widely available than Nano Needle and generally prices start at around £200+.

All I would say is make sure you do your research thoroughly before you book anywhere. Research as many different salons as you can. Ideally go someone where where you have been recommended and make sure you ask to see plenty of before and after photos done by the particular technician you are booking – not just done by that salon.

It’s also a good idea to bring in photos of brows you like and go in with your eyebrows drawn in as you like them. That all helps give the technician the best idea of what look and shape you are after.

How Long Does Nano Needle Brows/ Microblading Last?

Although both procedures are referred to as permanent makeup they won’t keep its colour forever – they need maintenance just as your hair colour does. Nano Needle/ microblading can last several years but its dependant on your skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle that will determine this. I have been advised that I will need a top up anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. However I have known some people to last 3 years.

How Long Does it Take To Heal?

It takes around 4 weeks after your second treatment for your brows to be completely healed and the colour to have settled. The scabs that form take around 7- 10 days after treatment to come off. “Scabs” sounds very brutal and I was expecting big clumps to come off like when you have a scab on your leg as a kid. Don’t worry though, its nothing like that at all! Your eyebrows just go a bit flaky and it looks like dandruff is falling out of them… Much more pleasant! ha ha.

How long does Nano Needle take to do?

As you can imagine, drawing individual hair strokes is quite a skill and ones that takes time. My first treatment which also involved the consultation took 2 hours. The second session is quicker as no consultation is needed and the shape you want is already there – they just need to darken it up, so it takes around an hour.


If you have anymore questions on Nano Needle brows please leave them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. I hope you found this useful 🙂


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