My Favourite Social Media Platform

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Back in the day I was a massive Snapchat fan. This was probably before loads of bloggers used it, or used it to the extent I did.  I even wrote three posts on it and I thought (along with many others) it would continue to grow and grow.

That was until Instagram launched it’s Stories function. I remember the frenzy it created!

At first I was on the fence about Instagram Stories as I didn’t like how people who didn’t follow you could watch them. I didn’t want ex-boyfriends and people from school I don’t talk to anymore see me make a twat of myself on a daily basis.

I soon got over that and I quickly stopped using Snapchat (Snapchat who?) and moved over to Insta Stories. I tried using both but it was taking too much time and I knew that with the deep pockets and technology that Facebook had, that it would soon outgrow Snapchat and boy has it done that.

Insta Stories is my favorite platform to use, I prefer using it to anything else and here’s why…..

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Quick & Easy

Photography is my favourite part of blogging, but getting my camera out to take 50 photos, to choose just one and edit it for the Gram takes a lot of time and patience.

All my photos on my Instagram grid are curated – taken days or weeks ahead of when I publish them. The composition has to be just so, the lighting, the colours, and the style all have to match my “theme”. Once you’ve got the perfect shot and edited it you then have to make sure you post it at the right time of day – so you know, your followers have some chance of seeing it.

I remember back when I started Instagram (for my blog) 3 years ago and I never bothered about any of that, and looking back I felt so free! I enjoyed using it so much more. I uploaded a photo whenever I felt like it, swiped for a valencia filter and I was done.

And this is why I love Instagram Stories as I feel I have that same freedom again. I post throughout the day whenever I can, I don’t edit any photos. I swipe for one filter usually and I’m done. I can literally snap and go.

However, now Instagram have added polls, gifs and stickers I must say I do spend some time adding those on, but it’s still  a hell of a lot quicker than any other photography I do.

I’m seeing more and more Insta Stories move over to becoming “professional”. Edited shots that you would see on the grid are now moving to Stories, as well as highly edited videos and animation. As much as I like it, I’m hoping it doesn’t turn that way for everyone as it’s going to lose one of the big things I love about it.

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Little Work For High Rewards

Now I’m not sure if this is just me, or the same for everyone but the views on Instastories are way, way higher than the likes on my photos on Instagram. People are actively choosing to hit watch on my stories which means they want to see the content. I have a lot of regulars that watch my stories every day and I always get so many DM’s off the back of them. To get such high views and engagement off something that takes the least amount of time is crazy!

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Behind The Scenes

I love watching behind the scenes footage of people I follow. From their trip to Iceland, to being at home with their dog Monty and their partner on the sofa. Video content on Instagram Stories really does help create a story of what people are getting up to and gives me more insight into their life and them as a person.

Behind the scenes footage fascinates me. It just seems more real and personal.

I like to do this for my followers too by showing the mess I made while taking a fancy flat lay photo or using video to show them what goes on at events I attend. A video can capture the vibe of an environment a lot more than a photo sometimes.

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Get To Know The Real Me

Even with the best writers out there, sometimes it’s a struggle to really get to know them. For me, it’s someone’s body language, smile, laughter and delivery that really gives me insight into who they are.

I battle trying to portray my personality through my written words as I’m such a crap writer. Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet but it really doesn’t do me any justice. I’m incredibly sarcastic which can be completely misinterpreted in writing, yet in person it’s easier to get it across with a certain tone of voice and facial expression.

Being able to film yourself chatting away, snippets of your daily life, outfit choices and lifestyle will give your followers a much better understanding of who you are – particularly if you’re as poor with writing as I am!

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Keep It Real

I’m very conscious that all my photos on my blog, Instagram and Facebook show off the highlights of my life – a new handbag, cocktails with the girls, an exciting blogging event, a full face of makeup and a perfect placed flat lay. I like to keep my feed full of pretty photos, it’s my life but but ya know it’s certainly not how I live 24/7.

On Instagram Stories I get to show you my every day life which is pretty dull…. It generally involves me working (a lot). In a car on my way to a meeting, grabbing a Costa at a service station and then being at home in my PJs working again.

I go on Insta Stories bare faced with not a scrap of makeup on eating a microwave meal. I talk about the extra weight I’ve piled on, and an embarrassing story which has just happened to me.

With a digital world that is extremely glossy and enhanced I like to keep it real, and Insta Stories is the place I can do that.

My Favourite Social Media Platform

Showcase Products

As a beauty/ fashion blogger I’m continually trying out new products and doing huge clothes hauls, however only a handful of these products make it on to the blog. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the other products, but you know there are only 24 hours in a day and this gal has got to work and sleep. Priorities and all. If I featured every single product I tried out on my blog I’d have to give up my job and work round the clock.

Instastories is a great way for me to show my followers a product I like or don’t like (yes, I talk about both) and the reasons why. As I explained above, it’s so quick and easy compared to the other platforms that I can feature so much more on there in a month than I can on my blog.

What’s your favorite platform to use – Twitter, your blog, Instagram, Pinterest? I’d love to know 🙂

And yes, before anyone says anything all these photos in this post are the total opposite of what you see on my Instastories but that’s because it’s on my blog….

I of course can’t write this post without giving my own Instastories a plug, so if you want to get to know me better watch me daily here.

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